Combined Watertight Gate

Model No.DCAM-01
Flood Barrier / Stop Log

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Horizontal Base Plate
.Material: 2 mm SUS 304 stainless steel
.Bear weight more than 80 tons without transformation.
.Passed loading test that conducted by MIRDC
(Metal Industries Research & Development Centre)
.Leveled with the ground after finishing the installation which sand and water won’t be accumulated, also
decreased the possibility of tripping hazard.

Horizontal Base Plate

Anchoring Plate
.Material: Aluminum Alloy
.Depth: 2 cm
.Fixed on the wall to hook the main stanchion.

Main Stanchion
.Material: Aluminum Alloy
Stainless Steel(With some parts casted by moulds)
EPDM Rubber Seal
. It can be applied to all kinds of situations by
different installation methods:
Between-wall / Face-wall / Between-Face wall /
Hidden (if the wall is thick enough)
.With stainless steel tightening equipments help forcing the planks to meet EPDM seal.
.EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) seal:
1. Widely used in car doors.
2. Bear high temperature up to 160℃ and resist acid or alkali.
3. Weather resistant and can be used more than 10 years.

Anchoring Plate

Bilateral Stanchion
.Material: Aluminum Alloy
Stainless Steel(With some parts casted by moulds)
.Basically the same as the main stanchion, only with tightening bar knobs at the both sides.
.Needed when the cover range need to be widely extend.

Watertight Plank
.Material: Aluminum Alloy
.The surface of each plank is anodized.
.Each plank is 16 cm high, 3.5 cm thick.
.Weight 2.785 per meter.
.With 6 lateral layers to help resisting current pressure.
.With EPDM sealing strips inserted into the plank to ensure that it won’t drop off in the future.
.With plastic covers at the both sides of the plank to avoid bugs and cutting.
.Tested by MIRDC (Metal Industries Research & Development Centre):
Every 1600cm2 can bear curent pressure up to 1300kg.

Watertight Plank

Tightening Screw
.Matertial: Stainless Steel (precise casting)
.Put on the main stanchion or bilateral stanchion to tighten the planks downward.
.Can be locked at the end of the assembly process to prevent the stealing of the flood gate or the assembly.

Back Support
.Material: Aluminum Alloy
Stainless Steel
.Needed when exceed the certain amount of
current pressure:
The calculation of water pressure is base on
the width and height of the flood gate.
.Adjust and fix it to tighten the planks and help supporting the gate to resist current pressure.
.Passed loading test that conducted by MIRDC
(Metal Industries Research & Development Centre):
Span of 1 meter can bear more than 3700Kgf current pressure.
.With bases of back support and brace:
1. Buried into the ground about 5 cm to resist current pressure.
2. Leveled with the ground after the installation.

Back Support

Storage Shelf
Material: Stainless Steel
Types: Horizontal or Vertical

The product has passed international testing standards and certificated by FM Approvals.

.Water lashes testing for the flood gate:
The water level is 70 cm and the water keep impact the surface of the flood gate.
The average speed is more than 1m/s.

.Wave test for the flood gate:
The height of wave shall be 10 cm.
No leakage in 30 minutes and certificated by public authority unit.

Obtained patents from America, China, Japan, Malaysia and Taiwan. The flood gate is easy to operate and can be deployed in 10 minutes by a single individual. The performance to stop flood is at 100% efficiency, and this product has already sold to Australia, China, Japan, Indonesia, Philippine and Thailand.

Storage Shelf
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