Manual Sluice Gate

Model No.DCSD-03

Manual Sluice Gate

The application of Dai Chen Manual Sluice gate is to prevent the waste water out and the flooding into the factory from the opening of gutter sewer.
The outer frame, the panel, the handle to rotate and the screw arbor of the gate are made of the climate resistance material- SUS304.

The thickness of the outer frame is more than 4.5 mm. The outer frame and the wall are fixed by N type iron fixing component. With one side welded to the outer frame, the other side is fixed by the SUS304 anchoring bolt. The gap between the frame and the wall shall be filled with cement.

The thickness of panel is up to 3 mm, with 2.0*3CM*6CM stainless steel strengthening frame. The connection of the panel and the frame is inserted with EPDM rubber seal.

.EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) Rubber Seal:
1. Widely used in the car doors.
2. Bear high temperature up to 160℃ and resist acid or alkali.
3. Weather resistant and can be used more than 10 years.
Application Use

Special design for the manual sluice gate:
The screw arbor won’t rise while rotating the handle. In this way, the gate can be operated in a short time. The panel will be descended while rotating the handle anticlockwise. Once the panel passes through the stainless steel block, it’ll tighten the seal to meet the bottom. It can successfully stop the water up to 99% efficiency.

Dai Chen Manual Sluice Gate is also certificated by FM Approvals.
The quality of this product is guaranteed.

.Water lashes testing for the flood gate:
The water level is 70cm and the water keep impacting the surface of the flood gate.
The average speed is more than 1m/s.

.Wave test for the flood gate:
The height of wave shall be 10 cm.
No leakage in 30 minutes and certificated by public authority unit.